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Our Background

m.b Heritage was established in 2009 as a professional development consultancy specialising in the fields of historic buildings, area conservation, archaeology and urban design. Our Managing Director, Mike Bottomley, has over 20 years experience training and working as a conservation specialist for local government and within the commercial sector. We work with a wide range of public and private sector clients on residential, retail, commercial and industrial projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Understanding and working with our built heritage is now essential to unlocking the development potential of many sites and buildings. Over one third of development applications raise issues in respect of listed buildings, conservation areas and sites and buildings of local interest. m.b Heritage has a proven track record for reducing risk and helping to secure speedy and positive planning decisions within this field.

m.b Heritage is able to provide competitive and flexible services tailored specifically to the requirements of your project. Please contact us for an initial discussion about how we can assist.


What we offer

We provide a range of services to suit our client’s requirements:


Heritage assessments of development proposals

Built heritage statements in support of planning and listed building consent applications.

Appeals and expert witness on heritage matters

Production of written representations, statements and proofs of evidence in support of planning appeal submissions

Statements of Significance for heritage assets

Assessment of the heritage values of a build, place or landscape to assist development evolution and inform decision-taking

Conservation Area and Townscape Appraisals

Production of conservation area review and designation documents

Listed building consent and planning applications

Preparation and submission of development applications and project management of consultant teams

Archaeological Services

Assessment of archaeological potential of sites and recommendations on further investigations and analysis

Building Recording

Recording and surveying of historic buildings

Environmental Impact Assessment

Production of cultural heritage assessments and non-technical summaries

Heritage led design briefs

Guidance documents and briefings on development design and layout in response to heritage issues

Conservation Plans

Detailed management plans to guide future development decisions, restoration and repairs

Training and Continued Professional Development

Tailored training seminars on heritage issues for local government and private sector clients


Some of our recent work

The Conditioning House, Bradford
Client: Priestly Group
Built heritage assessment of significance and recording in support of a residential led adaptive conversion

Grinkle Park, Easington
Client: BWB Consulting/Classic Lodges
Conservation plan and assessment of significance of historic parkland estate in support of a leisure development for Classic Lodges

Hunslet & Victoria Mill, Leeds
Client: JM Construction
Built heritage assessment in support of the Victoria Riverside redevelopment and conversion of the iconic Hunslet Mill
Image copyright – Beckwith Design Associates

Former High Royds Hospital, Menston
Client: Avant Homes
Conservation Plan for the Grade II listed former administration block as part of a residential conversion project.

Former Tetley Brewery, Leeds
Client: Vastint Leeds BV
Built Heritage Statement in support of the phase 1 mixed use re-development of the former brewery site
Image copyright – ARC-ML Architects


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